SUM3D MILLBOX Dental CAM system

The easiest Dental CAM system
The most intuitive CAM solution ever made.

Just few icons to complete the milling process, embedded in a modern and endeating interface.

MillBox is a revolutionary Dental CAM system, gathering all potential and automatisms of a leading CAM software in dental industry like SUM3D Dental, designed in an attractive and easy-to-follow user interface custom-tailored to showcase its ease of use.

*Machine definitions and material choices.
We are now able to manage the materials according to the machine that has been selected for the run. This allows us to display only the materials applicable to the machine being used.
We can also choose between discs or block materials depending on the flexibility of the machine and the fixtures that are available.

*Selection of the file for the milling machining
The second step is to choose the restoration to be milled by selecting and visualizing a preview of the file. Based on the size of the restoration to be milled, Millbox will automatically suggest the best stock based on the availability of partially milled blocks/discs.

Once imported, MillBox will automatically create the necessary support pins needed for milling. The support pin dimensions and placement are completely customizable by the user.

*A stunningly beautiful & powerful interface
Featuring a user-friendly & simplified interface, Millbox allows full manipulation of restorations including rotation & angulation of parts. MillBox will highlight and point out any critical issues that could occur due to incorrect positioning. Yellow warning areas will overlap the restoration when it is placed within close proximity to the outer boundaries of the raw material and when an item is nested or positioned outside of the disc, this will be shown as a red overlapping layer on the part. Millbox features full support of touch screen monitors as well which makes it even more convenient to operate.

*Premilled Abutment
MillBox allows the user to perform cutting in a manner that simulates turn milling, using a 4 or 5 axes machine. A significant difference is that in utilizing spherical tools, you can now achieve high quality finishes on your abutments, allowing for immediate use straight off the mill.

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SUM3D MILLBOX Dental CAM system

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