C.A.P Cobalt-chromium (CoCr) Dental Disc 98mm x 10mm

Handling Instructions for Cobalt Chrome
1) Finish the same as gold
2) Sand blast: 50 micron Aluminum Oxide
3) Steam clean
4) Degas as follows:
-Into oven at 700 degrees Celcius
-Heat rate: 65 degrees / minute under vacuum
-Fire to 1066 degrees Celcius
-At 1066 drop vacuum and hold for 5 minutes

CoCr degas cycle
-Air fired to 1950 F hold for 5 minutes
-Sandblast 50 micron aluminum Oxide
-Steam clean
-Degas a second time (same program as first degass)
-Sand Blast and steam clean
-Slow cool all ceramic firings 10 minutes

Available Size and Thickness :
98mm X 10mm each price US$ 135.00
98mm X 12mm each price US$ 145.00
98mm X 16mm each price US$ 160.00
98mm X 18mm each price US$ 170.00
98mm X 20mm each price US$ 185.00

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C.A.P Cobalt-chromium (CoCr) Dental Disc 98mm x 10mm

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