ZirkonZhan ICE Zirkon Translucent Blocks 98mm x 18mm

Zirconium oxide (Yttrium - partially stabilized with tetragonal polycrystalline structure) is a high-performance material, which has been used successfully since the seventies for orthopaedic purposes, i.e. for artificial limbs and joints. Zirconium is used in the dental technical field to implement almost all types of dental restorations. It is made of raw mineral materials, such as zirconium sand, chemically manufactured, partially stabilized with yttrium, and converted by mechanical procedures into zirconia blocks.

Among the dental ceramic materials available today, zirconium oxide partially stabilized with yttrium is undisputedly the substance displaying the highest flexural and tensile strength. Our material has bending strength values of over 1400 MPa, a Vickers hardness of 1250, a density in the sintered condition of 6.05 g/cm3 and a Weibull module of > 12.
The material facilitates and enables the production of aesthetical, high-quality dental prosthesis which, in addition, stands out by perfectly fitting, by it strength and fracture resistance.

Available Size : 95mm and 98mm

Available Thickness :
10mm each price US$ 34.00
12mm each price US$ 38.00
14mm each price US$ 40.00
16mm each price US$ 42.00
18mm each price US$ 45.00
22mm each price US$ 48.00
25mm each price US$ 60.00

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ZirkonZhan ICE Zirkon Translucent Blocks 98mm x 18mm

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