AmannGirrbach Ceramill Map 300 3D Dental Scanners

The Ceramill Map300 is particularly characterised by its ease of use.
The scan field is identified and assessed automatically, which means that large spanned bridge frameworks can be quickly and efficiently documented.
Articulated models can also be easily processed by this type – one of the prerequisites when the“ virtual articulator” comes into action with the construction software.

-The fully automatic strip light scanner scans up to 14 unit bridges quickly and easily
-Articulated models can be scanned in relation to the articulator, then downloaded into the CAD software in the Artex® CR for the automatic fabrication of fully anatomical frameworks
-Bite registration, gingiva and wax-up possible for optimal framework fabrication
-Automatic user-guidance through the scan programme for easy and safe operation
-The scanner comes with an open interface, scans (stl-files) can also be downloaded into other CAD sortware

179 151 Ceramill Artex
179 112 Ceramill transfer kit

Technical data
Dimensions: 426x414x720
Weight: 57 kg
Electrical supply: 230 V 1.25 A
E-Fuse: T1, 25 A
Power: 100 Watt
Accuracy: <20 micron
Axes: 4

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AmannGirrbach Ceramill Map 300 3D Dental Scanners

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